First Prim

written by Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger

Over 10 years ago I created First Prim as a placeholder. On first sight it looks like First Prim is representing an Unknown User, but mostly it means that the user is known but can’t be shown as the creator of a prim. There are technical reasons similar to a museum that takes care for Old Masters. You might need to replace the frame, you might move the painting to a different room. The name tag might be still on the old frame or on the old wall, but everyone knows that not the tag is the work.

I have to speak about Digital Art and that makes it difficult to understand how things are connected.

Root prim

A builder knows that the root prim is the portal, the ident-tag, the plate number of a car to use a familiar picture, but the plate says in fact nothing about who created the linkset, the object and to stay in the picture, the car. No one would think because the number plate shows „Art Blue“ that he created the Maserati, the Bugatti, the Ferrari. Everyone knows he creates other things. So to say „He has stolen my car“ is just bullshit. Art Blue never published himself as a car manufacturer. But not everyone knows who is he builder of the Maserati. Is it Second Mysterious, is it Vannilla Smart? Surely Art Blue as a placeholder is not a good way, but sometime when a transition happens then you can find Art Blue as the creator even if he is not. When you read First Prim then you wonder at least, right? Now you understand the concept. First Prim creates awareness.

About names

First, I have to tell you that the problem is old and that there is no solution at all except to become famous. That’s why Art Blue makes creators known (if they are not already). Everyone knows, the Maserati is not made by Second Mysterious or by ABC Resident, it is made let’s say by Unicorn234 Resident. Unicorn234 going by the display name Sweet Turbo is the mega star, shown in a table book, shown in a Machinima, presented in a gallery, being part in THE WRONG.

This little text shows you the problem of names. I keep my words nice. I skip all the bad intentions that might also exist. That someone creates Art Blue in a new grid and says to you: “Welcome my friend in the grid Turbo Art 4.0” but this guy is just not me. It is just to lure you in safety. What then?

Back to the nice stories: What if Unicorn234 creates in a different virtual world Sweet Turbo, gets married in a different grid and changes display name? What if Unicorn234 changes permanently the name by paying 39,99 Dollar in Second Life and runs now as One Mysterious? And what after a year when the marriage ended One Mysterious pays again 39,99 Dollar and goes now as Second Mysterious as the former Second Mysterious has changed name to Lucky Ravenhurst? I could go endless extending the funny story as we don’t know the real name of the creator, right? And even the real name is not safe. My real name is Kunst Blue and I have a passport by NSK, the stateless state, founded by Laibach. Soon I will have another one, just to tell you a secret.

Technical level

When you create an object in a virtual worlds, let’s say a linkset, and you use prims created by others it will result in a mixed creator structure. The root prim will show the face, the car plate as I said before. Let’s assume you used only full perm elements, licenced as public domain. I will skip to go deeper on this level because the elements could have been stolen and brought back as Freebies. Let us assume you are safe and can do as you like. No credits needed. All what you created is made by you, you claim full rights. All textures, all scripts, everything.

No backup in SL

If you create your art in Second Life you shall be aware of the risks that you might not stay in control of what you created. In SL Linden Lab is the creator. You are the user. You learn this hard lesson when you are accused. Falsely or not does not matter much. Your account gets frozen and that’s it. You even don’t get the Linden back that are still on your avatar. You can’t login any longer. Your creations are out of reach, forever! You can open a ticket, then another one and another. Then you rethink. Shall your IP get blocked like you are hacker? Finally, you give up. As a European citizen you would need to set up a legal claim in England where Tilla payment is registered. You will take it as learning experience and go on working via an ALT, an alternate name. Second Life is a nice technology and your friends live there, right? You don’t want to bother them with your story that you bought land, that you sold it, that you have been charged double and when you wanted the refund you have been accused that you acted against the TOS. You have been treated by the Linden fraud division like a criminal and there you are now, with a new name. You have chosen one of the freshly created ones, that’s why I said Second Mysterious. I am not this person. Right now when I type this chapter the name it is open to be claimed.


Let us assume you created an avatar Strange Dreamer in Metropolis Grid, which is the leading German grid. There you created magical things, truly the Ferrari of creativity and Art Blue presented you proudly, published you, made you, yes Strange Dreamer known. Now Metropolis decided for a new server, a new look, a redesign. The reasons behind are not of much importance to you, you re-created yourself in a different grid, let’s say in Craft World, the leading Italian grid.

Now you like to bring in to Craft World what you created in Metropolis Grid and that is possible. You can also download your sim, yes not only your linksets, a full region you can backup to your harddisk, to your local simulator. A Second Life at home. You clap your hands, „YEAH“, but that comes on a technical cost. The avatar key of Strange Dreamer in Metropolis grid is not the same as the one you get as Strange Dreamer in Craft Grid. You loose your car plate. In other words: if you ask Art Blue to bring your stuff in from one grid to the next, giving him a copy in good trust, he will be shown as creator in the new grid. Of course his (=my) avatar key differs also in both grids but the import point is that the land owner name is put in when the transfer happens as an OAR upload, which means the upload of a full sim, of a full region. There is just no other information that can be used in this moment – if we skip the possibility of using console commands. You may ask if you need to own a sim as Strange Dreamer to be set in as creator for backup and uploads? That is a way that works if you want to go deeper in technology. On the other hand, Art Blue can set you in as a temporary sim owner and then you get the same result. And there is the OAR Loader for showing your work on demand. It works similar to a special exhibition in a museum when a retrospective of an Old Master is presented. Then a world is loaded on a mouseclick. Strange Dreamer will be back in 2095. That is the message of Amerkia Art, creations for the Afterlife.

Is it safe?

In my first project Vulcanicus where many of the Whos Who in Second Life took part, I had lots of discussions about, „Is it safe?“ No one ever thought of accusing me on steeling, only one did, later. I conserved the work of AM Radio. Years after I did I was accused by a caretaker of AM Radio. The discussion I put on the blog of Vulcanicus.

Creator: AM Radio

There you see how it can happen that unhappiness is created. Surely jealousy is an element, but I think I have left this line behind. My own works are shown in best places, some out of reach for everyone. The reason is simple: I am old, my first works in computer art have been published and shown in 1976 at Highschool. In 1979 at Whitney Gallery, New York. Some are conserved as part of the H.W. Franke Collection in Kunsthalle Bremen. Why? Are my works so outstanding? I hope, but maybe not really. All Digital Art that has been shown in a curated exhibition before 1980 is called „Old Masters.“ No need to steel anything from anyone.

Open Source

Importing objects to from harddisk will show the land owner as the creator when we deal with a complete sim. I said this. A complete sim can have only one object. So this object later copied will have the sim owner as creator. A backup of a sim has a standard format, called OAR. This format did not change since Phil Rosedale created Second Life out of a development by Berkeley. That is the reason why Second Life is opensource, the licence can’t be revoked. You may say that this is not correct. In fact the payment system is not open licence, it is by Tilla Inc, a subsidary of Linden Lab. And Second Life does not work without Linden Dollar. Via this move and also the internal voice system is a reason so you do no longer get the code. And fairly no one wants the code …

Opensimulator has much more functionality than Second Life when it goes to bots and integration with third parties. In Amerika Art (2022) the artist (the avatar) will be conserved together with the art installation. That is the message of Wahtye, a priest living 2400 BC.

My video WAHTYE gives an idea.

So don’t wonder when you find your work created by First Prim. There will be a box next to it with a link to your website, to your name, to your vita, to whatever you told you want. Also I could add a new root prim you give me created by you and I add it. You may wonder why I have not done it with your work? Yeah, you know how it is with phantom objects when they are in a linkset, then the installation needs manual fixing. If you don’t understand what this is all about and just want to let it be on me then it might be a good choice just to say: “Take good care of my Lil Robot” as Feather’s Boa said on June 27, 2011. and

Artist: Feathers Boa

Conservation of Digital Art is a museum where the artists know that their work is there but don’t need to become a janitor to keep it up and running.

You may have noticed that Juliette acts often as a janitor, but don’t blame her, blame me, if you need to do so. Please do it privately so I can take care of the issue.

A final tip: Add in the  description line of your objects: Created by …. This line is not affected by any data import.